Tracking down your home address through Facebook … in one minute

A stark warning is being issued to parents ahead this month’s Easter break, with figures revealing the extent to which their children’s social media habits are increasing the risk of holiday burglaries.

The findings, published by The Co-operative Travel, reveal that 51% of children regularly update their social media accounts to say when they are due to go on family holidays, alerting potential burglars to the fact their home is empty.

The rapid growth in teenage smartphone ownership and availability of in-resort wifi connections are expected to increase the extent of the problem for this year’s holidaymakers. Figures reveal that as many as 45% of 10 to 15 year olds now own smartphones** and that the majority of this group (58%) update their status on social networks each day.

However, the real cause for concern is that many children are revealing this information to people that they don’t even know.  44% admit that there are ‘friends’ with people they have never met and 37% say that they have no privacy settings in place to prevent potential burglars searching networks for possible targets.

“Our researchers tested the extent of the problem by searching for keywords like ‘going on holiday’ and ‘packing my case’ through tools like Openbook.  They also checked for people using social media to ‘check-in’ at airports on Facebook Places”.

“It took seconds to find people with updates stating when they would be away, with details revealing enough about their location and family to make finding their actual address a simple task”.

Read more on sample updates by researchers of this study conducted by The Co-operative Travel and how long it took to identify an address.

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Editor Intelink says:(2012-10-02 10:49:19)

“Een kwaliteitsslag voor school, student en stagebedrijf” Het herkennen en correct behandelen van bedrijfsvertrouwelijke informatie. Het programma speelt tevens doeltreffend in op de sterk toenemende behoefte aan Social Media Integriteit van stag...

On: Stagevoorbereiding voor MBO en HBO: Bewustwording Bedrijfsgeheimen & Social Media Integriteit
Danny Lieberman says:(2011-05-09 13:35:04)

As one of the pioneers in DLP - data loss prevention and an active thought leader in the field since 2003 - it is typical for people who discover that the emperor is naked to take knee jerk reactions. IT and HR procedures are part of a set of data...

On: WikiLeaks legt menselijke factor bloot (EN)
Rachel McShelley says:(2011-03-31 10:01:15)

Blijft helaas onduidelijk waarom BitDefender dit opvallend en vooral ook een beveiligingsrisico vindt.

On: Facebook: 42% onbekende online vrienden
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