Snooping a growing threat for Corporate Data Breaches

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A new study conducted by People Security and commissioned by 3M, reveals two-thirds of employees expose sensitive data outside the workplace – some even exposing highly regulated and confidential information such as customer credit card and social security numbers. The Visual Data Breach Risk Assessment Study also found the majority of companies do not have policies or measures in place to protect sensitive information from computer screen snooping when employees are working in public places.

71 percent of working professionals surveyed admitted to glancing at another person’s computer screen where they saw such things as corporate emails (26%), presentations (20%), documents (18%), spreadsheets (29%) or other corporate sensitive information (11%). While most surveyed said the reason for glancing at another person’s screen was unintentional, 15 percent were interested in what was on the screen and 2 percent even admitted they were trying to obtain information.

Key Study Findings:

  • Employees are exposing regulated customer information, as well as confidential corporate information outside the office.
  • Convenience is more important than privacy for employees working outside the office.
  • Significant gap exists between risk and corporate policy/tools to prevent visual data breaches.
  • Protection against visual data breaches last to be addressed by corporations.
  • The threat of a visual data breach is growing.
  • Opportunity to increase productivity when privacy-concerned employees work outside the office with stronger privacy protection measures in place.

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Editor Intelink says:(2012-10-02 10:49:19)

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Danny Lieberman says:(2011-05-09 13:35:04)

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Rachel McShelley says:(2011-03-31 10:01:15)

Blijft helaas onduidelijk waarom BitDefender dit opvallend en vooral ook een beveiligingsrisico vindt.

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