Mobile devices grow as source of confidential data loss

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Recently, we reported on a study conducted by Unisys stressing coporates’ security challeges for 2011. One of the findings concentrated on the consumerization of IT trend and how it “presents a double-edged sword”.

Today, Symantec presented its security predictions for 2011. Their security challenge for 2011 also is to be found in “the exponential consumer adoption of smart mobile devices [that] will increasingly result in these devices making their way into enterprises through the back door, blurring the lines between business and personal use, and driving new IT security models to market in 2011″. Accoording to Symantec “it is inevitable that attackers will target mobile devices in 2011 and that mobile devices will continue to grow as a source of confidential data loss”.

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One comment on “Mobile devices grow as source of confidential data loss”

  1. Rachel McShelley zegt:

    What strikes me (again) is the lack of focus on awareness raising and human factors. It seems to me that IT budgets under pressure, should consider this crucial first step before (chronological) implementing expensive security software. Too often a wrong or missing perception of the value of the information is at the root of a leak, disclosed through a medium, e.g. a mobile device.


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Rachel McShelley says:(2011-03-31 10:01:15)

Blijft helaas onduidelijk waarom BitDefender dit opvallend en vooral ook een beveiligingsrisico vindt.

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