Heightened security concerns for employee use of social media

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According to findings from the 8th annual “What Keeps Network Administrators Up At Night” survey commissioned by VanDyke Software® and executed by Amplitude Research®, increased complexities such as the use of social media and smartphones by employees are keeping network and systems administrators at enterprises busy.

Approximately four-in-ten (42%) network administrators considered managing the security of employee smartphones to be “very important” or “extremely important” as compared to other security threats facing their organization.  Only about half (49%) of network administrators were satisfied with the security of handheld devices (e.g., Palm, Blackberry) at their organization — down significantly from 57% in 2010.

Approximately four-in-ten (42%) were “moderately concerned” to “extremely concerned” about the security threat associated with employee use of social media.  The proportion “moderately concerned” to “extremely concerned” was similar in 2010 (40%).  When network administrators were asked to explain in their own words what concerns them most about employee use of social media at their organization, the most common themes were viruses (19%), data / information leaks (19%), intrusion risk (19%), users not being careful (9%), Trojan horses / other malware (9%), and concerns about risks to privacy / user information (6%).

A full copy of the report can be downloaded here.

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Editor Intelink says:(2012-10-02 10:49:19)

“Een kwaliteitsslag voor school, student en stagebedrijf” Het herkennen en correct behandelen van bedrijfsvertrouwelijke informatie. Het programma speelt tevens doeltreffend in op de sterk toenemende behoefte aan Social Media Integriteit van stag...

On: Stagevoorbereiding voor MBO en HBO: Bewustwording Bedrijfsgeheimen & Social Media Integriteit
Danny Lieberman says:(2011-05-09 13:35:04)

As one of the pioneers in DLP - data loss prevention and an active thought leader in the field since 2003 - it is typical for people who discover that the emperor is naked to take knee jerk reactions. IT and HR procedures are part of a set of data...

On: WikiLeaks legt menselijke factor bloot (EN)
Rachel McShelley says:(2011-03-31 10:01:15)

Blijft helaas onduidelijk waarom BitDefender dit opvallend en vooral ook een beveiligingsrisico vindt.

On: Facebook: 42% onbekende online vrienden
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